(Senior) Software Engineer - UI Components

Oslo, Norway

About the Role

We develop the world's leading cross-platform C++ framework, and we are looking for skilled software engineers to join our team. You are passionate about creating solutions that make coding fun and productive for application developers, on multiple platforms, from embedded to desktop and mobile. 

We are looking for C++ and QML developers who want to help us with the development of the UI components in Qt. You will join the UI team, which develops and maintains Qt's user interface frameworks. Your will be working primarily with C++ and QML to develop widgets and Qt Quick controls, but there'll also be opportunities to work with native UI frameworks and experiment with other UI technologies.

In your daily work you will be surrounded by a team of experts, and you will have the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge about all aspects of software development.

As Qt is open source, you will also benefit from working with the global community. This is reflected in our work: we are cooperative, provide great mentoring, and enjoy growing and learning together in a friendly environment.

  • Want to build software components that millions of developers use
  • Want to write robust and maintainable code using modern C++ and QML
  • Care about software design and architecture as much as about user experience
  • Enjoy solving problems, both independently and together with others
  • Are familiar with software development tools: we use Git, Gerrit, and cmake
  • Are not afraid of working on a large code base
  • Can communicate effectively in English, both online and face-to-face
  • Are comfortable working with publicly available code and material
Perhaps you
  • Know a bit of Qt and QML
  • Have experience with other UI frameworks, such as Flutter or Swift UI
  • Have experience with open source communities and development
  • Have an idea what SFINAE, CTAD, RAII, and ADL are
We offer you
  • Flexible hours that support a healthy work/life balance
  • A family friendly, international, diverse, sociable workplace where learning is valued
  • A nice office space with two-person offices (we have doors!)
  • Support with relocation, if necessary

We would like to know more about you. Tell us about your skills, strengths, and knowledge, but even more importantly about yourself. What is your passion? What do you love to do? Our team would be happy to meet you, talk more about the position, and introduce you to our culture.

If you have some code that you are proud of and that you feel represents your way of developing software, please send us a link to your repository! It can be open source, hobby code or any other sample you are proud of.

Note: We are looking only for candidates that already are in Norway, or will be able to travel to Norway as part of the interview process.

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