Install Coco

Navigate the sections below to get started

This evaluation guide assumes you have an active Coco evaluation or commercial license.

1. Run Setup

  • Extract the zip archive to access the package (if applicable).
  • Run the SquishCocoSetup application (.run, .pkg or .exe).
  • When the Introduction appears click Continue.
  • Review the SLA and click Continue.
  • When prompted, click Agree to accept the SLA terms.

2. Specify Options

  • Edition-specific options may not apply to all editions. Detailed install guides

    • Specify an install location and click Continue.
    • Review or change the install location and click Install
    • When the install completes, click Close
    • The License Manager appears (does not appear if activated license already installed).

3. License Activation Options


Select an activation procedure, and follow the prompts to activate your license.

Note: The activation code from the Customer Login area may be required.