Qt for MCUs 

Ultimate performance. Tiny footprint. 

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Small but Mighty!

Microcontrollers are great! Their lower power consumption saves you batteries, their price saves you money, and now, with Qt they got even better!

Fluid UIs

Small Footprint

Scalable Architecture

Hardware Acceleration

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Seeing is Believing

Sounds too good to be true? Watch this video to see just how much punch you can pack into such a tiny MCU!

What is Qt for MCUs?

With Qt for MCUs, you can create engaging user experiences using the powerful declarative UI language, QML, and a rich set of ready-made Qt Quick Controls. It also includes a new graphics runtime with a low memory footprint, which is optimized for microcontrollers and other resource-constrained devices.

Focus your skillsets on one technology and use the same familiar Qt design and development tools to create your applications for MCUs.


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Webinar: Qt for MCUs

Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.

Watch our free webinar and learn how to create fluid, high-performance user interfaces for your humble MCUs.

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Try this at Home!

Did you enjoy watching the demos? Download them and see how they run on your board! Demos are currently available for the following boards:

1200px-STMicroelectronics_logo.svg-1 kisspng-nxp-semiconductors-freescale-semiconductor-logo-el-amitabh-bachchan-5ac6b5c54b69f3.2852164315229721013089
  • STM32F769i-DISCO
  • STM32F7508-DK
  • I.MX RT1050-EVKB
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Ready for Your Own MCU Project?

Sometimes, a little expert help goes a long way. Qt Professional Services are here to help you embark on your MCU adventure.

  • Porting to a new platform
  • Porting to a new RTOS
  • Creating a prototype for a specific platform
  • Extended support and maintenance.
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