Qt for Digital TV and Set-top-Box platforms

High performance, rich graphics and cross platform support enable customers to access content across multiple screens and devices, in their home and on the go. 

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The best of both Worlds

Delivering high quality responsive and visually appealing UIs is the key to an engaging digital TV experience. Use native QML performance and integrate your webcontent with HTML to deliver a high performance entertainment platform that will keep your users glued to the screen. 


In the race to bring profitable innovation and product improvements to the mass markets for digital user interfaces, pressure grows to reduce costs and improve productivity. Which technology provides the right solutions and capabilities? How much will it really cost, and what will you get for your money? 

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of Qt For Device Creation, a November 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Qt.

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Discover the new study of embedded software development cost savings through real-life use cases by a series of interviews by Forrester Consulting*.

Built with Qt

Hybrid application development, declarative UI with stunning performance and a powerful SDK are only a few of the reasons why you should choose Qt.  

Read LG's success story

LG Electronics

LG builds smart TVs with a Linux kernel based multitasking operating system -- the webOS platform.

Read why Sky chose Qt


Qt has been deployed by Sky in its premium TV platform -- the Sky Q home entertainment system.

Learn why DCC develops with Qt

DCC Labs

Qt Helps DCC Labs Cut Development Time in Half by Boosting Graphics Performance and Speed in UI prototyping in the TV Industry

With Qt you can accelerate your STB & DTV strategy

Create scalable and future proof solutions, deploy new servies to market fast and cost efficiently. Create stunning UIs for seamless cross device experience. 

Shorter time to market

Now developers create code faster with the integrated IDE and tooling options available. Cross-platform support helps you introduce new devices to the market quickly.

Cost efficiency

With high-performance applications, you are able to shave off 40% of your HW cost.  84.1% of Qt developers say they are more productive with Qt.

Stunning & scalable end-user UIs

No need to compromise. Create superior and fluid UIs for Digital TVs, tablets and smart phones. All with a single code base.  

Hybrid User Interfaces

“Sky has created an awesome next generation home entertainment system with Sky Q, and we are proud that Qt has been key part of this solution. Today, because of smartphones and tablets, consumers expect slick graphics, fast response and portability; these are exactly the benefits that Qt facilitates with unique blend of QML and web technologies that no other technology solution can provide."

- Juhapekka Niemi, Executive Vice President, Business Development, The Qt Company

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Qt for your STB & DTV project

Qt comes with a complete IDE with integrated tools, libraries and APIs and has everything you need to create immersive software.  

Qt in the TV browser

Reduce your footprint with our chromium based WebEngine with the latest HTML5 capabilities. Tested for W3C Compliance, DRM and HbbTV Ready.  

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Reference UI

Get a head start with our reference UI using QML for performance and HTML5 for web services. Comes with common UI APIs and ready made components. 

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Multi-process UIs with Qt Wayland

Fully leverage your hardware resources. Ensure safe third party updates and create UIs supporting complex architectures.   

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