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Tech Summit 2019

Three days of online tech talks, roadmap presentations, and demos. Access the best sessions from our recent annual event, Qt World Summit 2018 – live and on-demand.

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 Learn how to create better connected devices, UIs, and applications with Qt. Our experts answer your questions live!.

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Day 1: Roadmap & Platforms

Learn about the present and future of Qt software development technology and how you can stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.


State of the Qt Development Technology 
Lars Knoll, CTO
4 pm CET / 7 am PST

Qt for WebAssembly - Running Qt Apps in a Web Browser 
Morten Sørvig, Senior Software Engineer
4:35 pm CET / 7:35 am PST

Qt on Microcontrollers 
Santtu Ahonen, Product Manager
5:10 pm CET / 8:10 am PST

Qt in Automation - Updates and Trends 
Michele Rossi, Automation Product Manager
5:45 pm CET / 8:45 am PST

Navigating the Medical Device Regulatory Pathways 
Roger Mazzella, Medical Product Manager
6:20 pm CET / 9:20 am PST

Day 2: Tools & Widgets

Upgrade your development skills with technical deep-dives and best practices in application development using C++ and/or Python.


Mastering Qt for Python in 20 min 
Cristián Maureira-Fredes, Software Engineer
4 pm CET / 7 am PST

Get the Most out of Qt Creator IDE 
Ivan Donchevskii, Software Engineer
4:35 pm CET / 7:35 am PST

QWidget Best Practices

Shawn Rutledge, Senior Software Engineer
5:10 pm CET / 8:10 am PST

Internationalization and Localization Best Practices

Kai Koehne, Senior manager R&D
5:55 pm CET / 8:55 am PST

Day 3: UI Design & Qt Quick

On the final day of Qt Virtual Tech Summit, we make sure you have the right tools and a streamlined workflow for your job. 


Introducing the new Qt Designer and Developer Workflow 
Thomas Hartmann, Senior Software Engineer and Vikas Pachdha, Senior Software Engineer
3:30 pm CET / 6:30 am PST

Optimizing Qt Quick Applications (for memory and CPU usage) 
Simon Hausmann, Principal Software Engineer
4:25 pm CET / 7:25 am PST

Meet Qt Quick Table View and Friends

Shawn Rutledge, Senior Software Engineer
5 pm CET / 8 am PST

Optimizing Graphical Assets of 2D and 3D Qt Applications

Jesus Fernandez, Senior Software Engineer
5:45 pm CET / 8:45 am PST

On-Demand Tracks

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Inspiration Keynotes

Learn from today’s technology leaders about the user experiences, interfaces, devices and applications of tomorrow.

  •  Jared Spool: Beyond the UX Tipping Point
  • Omron: Let’s Teach Machines to Be Self-Aware
  • LG Electronics: webOS to Open Source and Beyond
  • HARMAN: UX as a Tool for Human-Machine Collaboration
  • Esri: Working Together to Build Great Products for Developers 

Tech Talks

Watch exclusive on-demand tech sessions from Qt World Summit 2018 that will upgrade your dev skills in various areas:

  •  3D User Experience Design
  • Creating Digital Cockpits
  • Automated GUI Testing
  • Alexa APIs
  • And more…

Digital Cockpit

Watch talks, interviews and demos that will rev up your knowledge & inspiration engine to leave your competitors in the dust.

  • HARMAN: Current Trends in Automotive HMI
  • MBition: UI/UX Development at the Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab
  • TomTom: Fighting Driver Distraction
  • Rimac: Customized and Precise Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • And more…


Find tons of useful information on the technological marvels you can create for the IoT/Automation with Qt.

  •  Industry 4.0 demos
  • Remote Maintenance and Control with Qt Quick WebGL and Qt Remote Objects
  • Omron: Qt as Developer Accelerator
  • Beer Brewing, Robots, and more!
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Virtual Exhibition

Watch how the pros use Qt in demo spotlights and expert interviews from across different industries.

  • Remote streaming & control with Qt Quick WebGL

  • Alexa voice control in Qt-based UIs

  • Medical infusion pump

  • 3D graphics, gaming and more!

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Open-source Journey
UI/UX Innovation Lab
Automotive HMI Trends
Stronger Together
Machine awareness

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