Design & Develop Microcontrollers (Qt & Renesas) - Part I

Course Details

During the training, you'll learn the basics and kick-start programming human machine interfaces (HMIs) with Qt for MCUs on Renesas microcontrollers. The lecture will introduce you to the Qt Quick Ultralite rendering engine, running on bare metal or FreeRTOS, with Ultralite Controls and an optimized subset of QML. This enables you to create smartphone-like user experiences on microcontrollers with the familiar Qt Creator IDE and other tools.

Learn about:

• Qt for MCUs package content

• Building and running an application using the command line

• Qt for MCUs application build process

• CMake API

• Qt for MCUs specific components

• Configuring Qt Creator IDE

• Asset management

• Styling controls

• Internationalization

• C++/QML integration Live coding exercises will be included in the training, and you'll create your own Qt for MCUs application! *The reference target platform used in the training will be Renesas microcontrollers including:

• Renesas EK-RA6M3G


System Requirements and downloads:

• Watch the Installation Instructions video

Windows 10 64-bit is currently the only operating system for development (support for Linux and macOS is planned)

• Qt for MCUs Evaluation Package 1.X. Please download Qt for MCUs and Qt Creator at, select 'Try Qt' on the download page. During the installation process, select 'Qt for MCUs Evaluation package 1.X' and 'Qt Creator 4.12.4.'

• CMake 3.17 (or higher):

• MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools OR the corresponding 2017 version Windows 10 SDK:

- If challenges arise when building the applications, please check the documentation here for a fix.


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