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Qt UI Design Tools

Working relationships between designers and developers can be complicated. It's as if they speak different languages. No more! Qt gives you the tools that make collaboration between designers and developers easier and more efficient than ever before! UI Design has never been so easy and powerful! 

Prototype Rapidly. Iterate Fast. Innovate More.

Remember the days when endless feedback loops between designers and developers made iterative UI design time-consuming and cumbersome? We sure are happy those days are in the past, and you will be too! The Qt UI Design Tools empowers designers to do live-testing on target devices, generate code and assets for their developers automatically based on their design prototypes. 

Qt UI Design Tools closes the gap between designers and developers so they can work simultaneously with one common so-much-more-than a UI framework, which means fewer feedback loops and a shorter Time-to-Market!   


Qt-Enhanced Designer Workflow

  • Create visuals with Photoshop, Sketch and 3D design tools 
  • Import the visuals to Qt where code is generated and 3D elements are put into the scene graph
  • Bring your designs to life with easy-to-use prototyping tools and animations  
  • Instantly preview and fine-tune on the target device 

Result: UI prototype with code, immediately usable by developers and concept showcased to customers 

Qt Developer Workflow

  • Focus on implementing the application logic without being disrupted by the design changes  
  • No need to code the designers vision    
  • Integrate and deploy to target device for test

Result: A finished prototype or a product

Designers Love it

- Design your UI with your favorite graphic tools – Qt turns your work into code and puts your 3D elements into the scene

- Be in charge of your design – implement and test the entire UI independently 

Preview your prototypes on real devices and immediately see what’s possible

- Customize your styles and ensure brand consistency from the start

- Pixel-perfect animations with easy-to-use tools

Developers Love it

- Work with user-friendly QML code or 3D elements in the scene, generated by your designer

- No need to worry about detailed layouting 

- Save time and reuse components from design prototypes

- More time to focus on business logic and optimizations

Qt Design Tools – What's inside?


2D Feature Highlights
- Qt Bridge: Export your designs from Sketch and Photoshop to Qt

Timeline-based animations: Breathing life into your designs with animations made simple!

Side-by-side visual and code editor: Modify your designs visually or with QML - Qt's easy to use declarative language  

- Component recycling: Qt turns your assets into QML components that can be reused in different projects. No code wasted! 

- Dynamic layouts: Makes sure your UI adapts to any screen!

- Built-in and customizable visual effects: Fancy up your graphic designs!

- Live on-device UI previews: See how your changes affect the UI directly on your target device! 

- Advanced scene editor: Fine-tune your designs to pixel-perfection

- Ready-made and customizable buttons, switches, dials and more! 

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3D Feature Highlights

- Asset importImport your UIs from Maya, MODO, and Blender using FBX and COLLADA exchange formats.

- Baked animations from 3D design

- 3D post processing effects with different filters and effects for photorealistic visuals

- Editable easing curves

- Keyframe animations for layers, 3D objects, cameras, and materials

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