Squish 6.7: Now Available!

The froglogic team is excited to deliver a major release of the Squish GUI Tester version 6.7, the software quality tool chosen by thousands worldwide for cross-platform desktop, mobile, web and embedded GUI application test automation.

Squish 6.7 adds a brand new edition to the Squish ecosystem for remote desktop automation: Squish for VNC. This release also offers new features, usability improvements and a number of bug fixes for all other editions of the product. Read on to discover the latest enhancements to power your automated GUI testing:

New Edition: Squish for VNC

Squish 6.7 introduces a new edition to the Squish ecosystem: Squish for VNC. This edition employs state-of-the-art image detection and AI-based OCR algorithms to enable robust GUI test automation for any GUI.

Squish for VNC unifies multiple powerful features in a single solution:

  • Toolkit agnostic: Squish for VNC abstracts away the technology used for building the user interface, making it possible to test applications built with legacy or completely custom UI technologies.
  • Unintrusive: no internals of any application need to be accessed.
  • Holistic testing: Squish for VNC automates the entire display. Multi-process applications in which the GUI is composed from multiple separate processes can be tested seamlessly.
  • Full Network Transparency allows accessing the user interface for both desktop as well as embedded user interfaces remotely.

Supporting Next Gen UI Technologies

The Squish for Qt edition was extended to feature full support for applications built with the latest Qt major release, Qt 6. The Squish script API is fully compatible with Qt 6, but script code directly accessing the Qt API may require updating.

Squish for Windows now fully supports .NET 5 applications and allows replaying gestures such as pinching or swiping for applications using touch screens such as the ones featured by Microsoft Surface devices.

Tech Support via the Squish IDE

Reaching out to the froglogic tech support team is easier than ever. A straightforward support wizard is now available right within the Squish IDE. Any questions on your mind about how to use Squish? Wondering if there are best practices? Get in touch with the froglogic experts and benefit from having years of experience at your fingertips!

Scalable & Simplified Licensing Options

The range of Squish licensing options has been updated, offering alternative options to license the product. This means the licensing of Squish is now:

  • More scalable: additional licenses can be added easily as your needs for test automation increase.
  • Easier to control: full control is provided over when and by whom a Squish license is used.
  • More flexible: all licenses can be shared freely among colleagues in the company, no matter their site locale.


Squish 6.7 brings additional features and code enhancements to all editions of the product. Review our changelog for a detailed list of all changes.

Download & Evaluation

Customers and existing evaluators can find the Squish 6.7 packages in their download area. New evaluators are welcome to try out Squish for free, with a fully-supported and fully-functional trial.

Join a Release Webinar

We're hosting two live release webinars on the new additions to Squish 6.7.

Members from our development and support teams will demo new features and answer any questions you might have during a dedicated Q&A.

For a detailed schedule of the webinar content and to register, click on the below link in your preferred time zone:

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