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Our purpose

To empower and encourage – students and tech-minded people alike. We believe that the future is built with Qt and that learning even the basics can enable people of all backgrounds to become more innovative by exploring the creation of apps, solutions, or other types of interfaces as a part of their studies, business – or even just for fun.


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Curated learning path

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we're dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive learning experience that will elevate your skills as a Qt Developer or Designer. Learn the basic concepts of QML, Explore Qt Design Studio, or discover how Qt is used in specific industries; there is a learning path for you to explore. Create your account on the Qt Academy site, and you're set to start exploring our courses. Our content library is constantly expanding, so you'll always have something new to discover.

Individual courses

Are you looking to improve your skills as a Qt Developer? Our individual courses are the perfect way to focus on specific topics and elevate your expertise; we've got you covered. Find a course on a wide range of topics to help you get to grips with a new feature in Qt Design Studio, or learn a new workflow to kick-start your project!

Third-party courses

Want to hear from the Qt community about how to use Qt? Our third-party courses provide a direct link to learn from experts in the community and how they are using Qt. Get a different perspective on getting started, hear about a unique workflow, or just refresh your skills! There is a course waiting for you.

Note: Courses are constantly in development and some content may not be available at all times. 

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Sponsored Path

FYI x Qt: Qt Development Framework

Learn how to get up and running with Qt, in collaboration with FYI is a learning path designed to help you get started with the Qt framework and tools and get you on your way to creating your own applications!

FYI.me, is a mobile tech company founded and headed by will.i.am. FYI creates an all-in-one experience that makes creative teams more productive.

In this path, you will:

  • Get set up with your Qt in your IDE.
  • Use CMake to build your applications.
  • Dive 'under the hood' to see how we communicate between objects with Qt and C++.
  • Explore building and testing for iOS and Android.

Start your journey development journey here to get up and running with Qt.



Sponsored Path

FYIx Qt: UI Design with Qt Design Studio

Start your journey into UI design with this learning path in collaboration with FYI. Learn tips, tricks, and theories of user experience design whilst getting hands on with Qt Design Studio. Combine the skills learned to create a To-Do list application.

FYI.me, is a mobile tech company founded and headed by will.i.am. FYI creates an all-in-one experience that makes creative teams more productive.

In this path, you will:

  • Understand the design thinking process to develop your workflow.
  • Import designs from apps such as Figma.
  • Explore the theory behind UX by looking at layouts and components.
  • Implement 2D and 3D elements within a Qt Design Studio app.

Start your journey here. if you have never touched QML before, this is the place to start.



Third-Party Courses

Qt Widgets and more with KDAB

Explore tips and tricks about Qt Widget creation using Qt Designer.

KDAB offers experienced software experts to help you deliver functional, high-performing and innovative software across embedded, mobile and desktop platforms by delivering training worldwide.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the intricacies of passing information through proxy models.
  • Explore how to provide additional context through menus based on the information in a table's cell.
  • Learn how to create document templates with Qt Designer.
  • Tips and tricks to create widgets using Qt Designer.
  • Develop your own plugins for Qt Designer.

This is an intermediate course for users with a solid foundation of C++ and Qt. Dive in to improve your application development!



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There are many ways to get involved in Qt Academy – as a student, as a sponsor, or as a contributor.

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Enrolment in our general courses can be done anytime, anywhere. Simply create an account and pick the courses you want to study. Students with a valid educational email address from a verified university can also download Qt for free and use it for private purposes. Learn more about our educational licenses here.

Want to get involved as a sponsor, and co-create a learning track with us? We’re more than happy to work with you on a tailored learning path and competition. Simply get in touch with us and send a general inquiry to academy@qt.io

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