Automated GUI Testing for macOS Applications

You can use Squish as the tool to automate GUI testing of Mac applications on all macOS versions on Intel and Apple Silicon. Squish includes support for automated testing of all standard and complex GUI controls as well as script access to the underlying APIs.

Squish includes dedicated support for:

  • Testing macOS applications based on Cocoa and other UI toolkits
  • Standard UI controls
  • Complex UI controls (item views, menus, tabs, etc.)
  • Automation of embedded WebKit content 
  • The complete native APIs including dynamic access to the ObjectiveC classes
  • Access to all standard and complex objects and object properties
  • Remote testing of applications and multi-application tests


GUI Toolkits

  • Cocoa
  • Carbon

GUI Controls

  • Standard controls
  • Complex views

Script Access

  • All classes
  • All methods
  • All properties

Supported Platforms

Mac OS X on:

  • PPC
  • Intel