Introducing Test Center 3.1: The Annotation Feature

The Test Center team is happy to announce the release of Test Center version 3.1. This release offers a new Annotation Feature which is a big step forward in analyzing and working with test results. 


Annotations are a new way to mark and comment on test results. You can use Annotations to categorize errors that occurred during testing, to create new statistics, to model result analysis processes, or you can use Annotations to override test results. Annotations are very versatile and customizable, so you can decide how exactly you want to use them. For more in-depth information about how to use Annotations, you can read this article, or watch this video we created for you. 

Categorizing Errors using Annotations in the Explore View

Release Notes 

For a detailed list of fixes and enhancements included in this release, please take a look at the Release Notes. 

Download and Evaluation 

Customers and existing evaluators can find Test Center 3.1 packages in their download area. If you have yet to try Test Center, you can request your free trial here.