Squish 7.1 Available Now

The Squish team is happy to announce the release of Squish GUI Tester 7.1, the software quality assurance tool for cross-platform GUI application test automation.

The second major release in this year introduces several new features and bugfixes. Read on to discover the latest enhancements in this version:

Qt 6.4 Support is Here

Squish for Qt comes with support for automated testing of applications built with Qt 6.4 as we keep pace with stable releases of the Qt framework. This enhancement allows automated tests to stay in sync with the applications they test as these migrate to the latest version of Qt.

Support for Shadow DOM 

We extended Squish for Web to simplify automated testing of reusable web components that use shadow DOM as these become a fixture of many contemporary websites. Previously only possible to a limited extent from JavaScript tests with the help `evalJS` function, it is now easy to access and test HTML elements inside the shadow tree from test scripts written in all supported scripting languages and from the Squish IDE.

Testing SwiftUI-based Applications

With increasing popularity of the SwiftUI framework as a modern way of building user interfaces on Apple platforms, Squish for macOS gained support for automated testing of SwiftUI-based applications and became the first Squish edition that makes use of the macOS accessibility API.

Multiple Squish Servers and Improved User Experience

The Squish IDE is the first point of contact with Squish GUI Tester for many users, therefore a good user experience is very important to us. To that end, we simplified switching between multiple Squish servers in the Squish IDE and improved visualisation of test execution progress.

We added an overview of recorded test events to IDE's control bar as well.

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Squish Installer: Unified Look and Feel

Starting with this release, the Squish installer dropped its custom look and feel and replaced it with the look and feel similar to the main Qt installer for a more polished user experience and better integration into the platform.

Release Notes

For a detailed list of code fixes and enhancements in all Squish editions, as well as in Squish source packages, please see Squish 7.1.0 release notes.

Download and Evaluation

Customers and existing evaluators can find the Squish 7.1 packages in their download area. New evaluators are welcome to try out Squish for free, with a fully-supported and fully-functional trial.

Join Us for the Release Webinar

Join our development team at December 7th for a live webinar and Q&A session on what’s new in Squish 7.1.