Trolls in the Caribbean

If you read any KDE news you will have heard that there was a KDE conference last week in the Americas called Camp KDE. The yearly KDE conference in Europe has sparked interest on the other side of the ocean. With a growing community all over the Americas the idea for having a local conference makes a lot of sense. At QtSoftware we naturally like this, and so we made sure several Trolls traveled to the Caribbean and joined in on the fun.

I talked about locations of Akademy (the European KDE conference) on various occasions. One suggestion we had was to do it way up in Sweden when there was expected to be 2 meters of snow and temperatures that would keep even the most adventurous geek inside. The idea here, naturally, is that with such conditions you will do more actual coding and hacking and less wasting of time on other things.
I'm so happy this never happened since I see that the opposite is even more productive. Geeks going to Jamaica, with sun, beach and parties, are still just geeks. I don't think I've seen any geek spent a long time sunbathing. After not very long of relaxing on the beach, swimming in the ocean geekyness returned. We had BOFs while swimming, programming on the beach and lots of discussions about Qt / KDE coding.

In the end we actually did quite some work; you can find lots of pictures of people leaning over laptops on flickr and Alexandra Leisse who is also with both KDE and QtSoftware had the presence of mind to bring a video-camera. Have fun watching geeks on the beach ;) here

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