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This Is Qt Group​

Welcome to Qt Group’s brand guide. We want to make it easy for you to integrate Qt Group’s branding as part of your daily work and projects while respecting our brand guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to ensure that all employees and partners can create the same delightful user experience - no matter which Qt brand you are working with.

Our brand guides will help you to understand what Qt brands stand for and what they look like, and what makes Qt Group and its product brands unique and recognizable. In these guides, we introduce a fresh new design system of core elements of the whole Group, and individual elements for each of the brands, focusing on customers’ experience and creative expression.

Please contact Qt’s Brand Team at to get access rights for downloading our asset templates. 

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Qt Group

This guide is your one-stop shop for all things Qt Group. We'll take you on a journey through the brand principles that make us who we are. Join us as we uncover the heart and soul of Qt Group!

A company level brand, which is used in:​ 

  • IR & Finance​
  • HR​
  • PR​
  • Office decorations, business gifts, employee accessories etc.​ 
  • When talking about the whole Qt offering​


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Qt Development

Welcome to the Qt Development brand guide! This guide will give you a comprehensive understanding of our brand, from our mission to our visual identity. Join us as we delve into the world of Qt Development.

A product brand, which is used in:​ 

  • All sales & marketing for customers​ about Qt Development
  • Inside the products​
  • In the community​


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Qt Quality Assurance

Let's dive in and discover the essence of Qt Quality Assurance! We're thrilled to share our mission and vision with you and guide you through the principles that make our brand unique.

A product brand, which is used in:​ 

  • All sales & marketing for customers​ about Qt Quality Assurance
  • Inside the products​


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