Using KWord today

So I had to do some writing today and I thought, lets use KWord 2.0-Release Candidate for that. Eating your own dogfood and all that.
After a day of using the application in its default setup I am kind of pleased with it. Its obviously not an application that is going to replace any concurrence in its current state (the 2.0 release is aimed at integrators and basic users) but the actual typing of text and the usage of the basic features is good. I can write my docs in there.

That said, I had 2 crashes over the whole (10 hour) working day, both fixed in the RC, I fixed some loading/saving issues as well. And my todo list got quite a bit longer ;)

Overall I think that the upcoming KWord2-release candidate is an enormous step forward from the latest beta. A speed of innovation and bug-crushing that I hope to see continue till the actual release (when its ready!). For people that can live without various features we had to omit in the 2.0 release I think the upcoming release will be a very cool basis platform for productivity applications.

ps. Yes, KWord will actually fully save and load the text, shapes etc that you can add in the app, in the upcoming Release Candidate. Finally! I know some of you have been asking about that ;)

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