‘Kolor Lines’, a KDE game on Qt for S60

A few days ago, we read via planet KDE that 'Kolor Lines', a KDE game runs on S60. I enjoy seeing what people do already with the tech previews of Qt for S60. So, I grabbed my camera and made this small clip:

Download as .ogv (~4.5MB)

This is just one of many examples demonstrating the benefit of one common application framework: Qt. Smart, creative code can more easily conquer new platforms.
According to the Kolor Lines author, it was not too hard to put a few #ifdefs into the KDE version of the code in order to have a pure Qt version. I am curious to see how many KDE apps/games will follow :)

For the source and S60 package that runs with the Qt for S60 "Garden" tech preview, please visit the authors blog.

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