Digital clock in a phone

Looking at the standard built-in digital clock for our phone, it seems really boring, isn't it? Now that Qt/S60 Tower edition has been released, I thought it's time to get my hands dirty and write few little useful (or useless, depending on your point of view) demos to be enjoyed by millions of loyal S60-based phone users. So here it is, the first Graphics Dojo example designed with S60 platform in mind (of course, it works fine on the desktop, afterall it's just a normal Qt program). Taking the inspiration from some flipping effect (that I stumbled upon, thanks to YouTube) from another digital clock, here it is:

Except of course the screenshot does not capture the beauty of the animation. So Alessandro decided to show-off his fantastic video-making skill and get us the following:

The code is available from the usual repository, check out the digiflip subdirectory. You can give it a try on a desktop, but nothing is more exciting than putting it on your phone. See the S60 instructions page on how to do that, but basically if you have Qt/S60 binary package installed (and other requirements), it's a matter of:

make release-gcce
createpackage -i digiflip_gcce_urel.pkg

I included three animation effects: Slide, Flip, and Rotate (all in 400 lines of Qt/C++ code). You can switch between them using the softkey (see the source code to know how easy it is to add simplistic softkey feature to your application) or using D-pad (only for non-touch devices).

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