Track your flight with Qt/S60

I am not a frequent flyer, but I was told that interesting travel tools, especially for mobile phones, are valuable for those who fly a lot. Conveniently having your itenaries, the ability to track the status of your flights, getting the alert as the flight time changes, and so on, everything at your fingertip, is just one wonderful aspect of modern phone technology. After all, it is the matter of connecting people.

Right after I saw Qt/S60 Tower release some time ago, flight tracking example was one that came to my mind almost immediately (there were others as well, they will show up in the coming weeks). So here it is, I present you the code. Just do a git pull in your local Graphics Dojo repository (you do have it, right? Otherwise clone from the one in gitorous) and find it in the flightinfo subdirectory. Again, we have to thank Alessandro for the improvements to this little example and especially also for the videocast (watch in YouTube) he did, so that we can enjoy Flight Info in its glory:

The code is far from perfect but should serve as a nice basis for further improvement. The way the data is parsed is quite fragile, this could use some love. And because it uses FlightView as the back-end, you can only use it for flights from and to US. There are still few more useful exercises for the readers from this example. For example, the program does not have the ability to find the flight number given the route. This is however doable because FlightView offers that functionality, you just to have the right hook. Also, how about an integration with the previous Weather Info?

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