The QtMobility family is growing once again with the addition of the Multimedia Framework. QtMobility's media library will enable developers to easily create applications that make best advantage of the system media capabilities.

The Multimedia framework is designed to cover the items of most direct interest to developers; playback, recording, play-list and meta-data management - all the things you'd expect from a high-level media framework. All integrated nicely into Qt. We've taken care to strike a nice balance among simplicity, versatility and extensibility; and the result is a framework that is easy to get started with - while allowing such niceties as transparency in the locality of playback, and that is readily customizable - create your own playback or recording services.

If you are looking at using a Multimedia framework in your application and would like to investigate further, a good place to start is QMediaPlayer and QMediaPlaylist. With these two classes you'll easily be able to create a simple media player application. You could even extend further and use QMediaMetadata to fetch cover-art and track info, a complete music player is just three classes away, well, almost :).

This is not the finished product, there will be changes as we take it to the best place it can be, so if you have any comments don't be shy. For testing; currently only Linux is supported as a platform, you'll need GStreamer installed. You might also be able to have a little fun on Windows. In the future we should see implementations for all our supported Macintosh OSX and Windows platforms, Phonon on KDE, and in the future; Symbian and Maemo.

You can find the source on Gitorious. Note you will need Qt 4.6 to compile the project. Feel free to comment here or if you'd like you can send an email to qtmobility at

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