Recorded talks from the LinuxTag 2009

A few weeks ago, the LinuxTag 2009 took place in Berlin. Of course some of us Trolls went there to present Qt. We ran a little booth where we had the possibility to talk to many Qt users (and future Qt users).

But that was not all. Some Trolls gave talks about very interesting topics. And because on that day I found my camera somewhere in my pocket, it made sense to film some of the talks (three to be exact) and share them with those who were not able to travel to Berlin. Here we go -in chronological order-...

Creating Qt Creator
Free Software Development at Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks

Speaker: Matthias Ettrich

"Nokia Qt Development Frameworks - the former Trolltech - announced earlier this year that they will open up their software development process and establish a new contribution model. One pillar of this change is a more permissive licensing under the terms of the GNU LGPL. In addition, Qt source code repositories will be made publicly available and contributions from desktop and embedded developer communities will be encouraged." more...

New user interface paradigms on mobile devices

Speaker: Matthias Ettrich

"Today's mobile devices have large high-resolution screens, touch input and significant graphics power. Applications on such devices no longer compete on features, but on graphical "wow". It is not even unusual to hear people buying apps just because they have a cool UI." more...

Advanced Graphics Programming with Qt

Speaker: Ariya Hidayat

"This talk highlights several key features of Qt graphics programming, including the low-level, immediate-mode painting system and 2D scene graph provided by Graphics View. To ensure a successful smooth and attractive user interface, this can be complemented by animation, Web engine, scripting, and graphics effects, which will be suitable discussed as well." more...

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