Join the Qt 4.6 Beta Program!

We are currently preparing the release of the Qt 4.6 Beta, and during the Beta phase of Qt 4.6 we would like to ask the community of Qt users for feedback
regarding the stability, performance and overall quality of our designs, APIs and implementations.

In addition to asking for feedback through the regular channels we would like to make sure that as many Qt users as possible have performed a few specific tasks during the Beta phase to help us understand the most important issues that we need to address before the launch of Qt 4.6 later this year. We would like to invite you to sign up to the Qt 4.6 Beta Program - it should only take a few minutes!

If you sign up to the Qt 4.6 Beta Program, then we will during the next month ask you to complete two surveys that ask for your impression of the quality of Qt 4.6. One survey will focus on "is Qt 4.6 as good as Qt 4.5?" - focusing on stability and performance impact that replacing Qt 4.5 with the Qt 4.6 libraries in existing projects has. In the other survey we want to find out how you like our new APIs - are they useful, documented well enough, what kind of problems did you run into... If you have played around with the new things in the Qt 4.6 technology preview already and have any ideas about small exercises, then let us know here!

So the idea is that those surveys will not take very long to complete, but you should of course be able to set some time aside to test the Qt 4.6 Beta release. This release is expected to become available within the first weeks of October, and will be announced here and on the usual mailinglists.

It is of course not necessary to sign up to the Beta program in order to get access to the Qt 4.6 Beta packages, and our regular feedback channel will continue to be open for everybody! However, through the Beta Program we hope to understand better how much Qt 4.6 has been tried and tested.

So, we hope you will enjoy experimenting with the Qt 4.6 pre-releases and are looking forward to your feedback!