Sneak Peak

I just returned from a trip to Berlin and when I entered my office this morning I had the strange feeling that my lovely office mate Kathy was up to something. She kept staring to her screen and occasionally mumbled incomprehensible phrases to herself. Needless to say that she caught my attention curious as I am. So I asked her what she was doing.

She didn't want to tell.

Hm, I thought, wondering what was so secret that she wanted to keep it to herself.

While she was away for lunch I sneaked over to her desk to see what was on her screen. I was struck by awesomeness: she was working on a video showing off all the hot new stuff in Qt 4.6!

I couldn't help it but had to put it on YouTube for the world to see. Enjoy.

Now she's upset and refuses to share her phone charger with me but I guess that was worth it.

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