Enter the Light - Qt 4.6

The stir of the Dark Surge (soundtrack name of the Qt 4.6: Trailer, BTW) has awakened Qt-feratu or as we know it, Qt 4.6.   Indeed, the pitiful soul of poor application development has once and for all been defeated by the triumphant release of our very own Qt 4.6.

Alas, the Qt Trolls in once-called Christiania have been hard at work scheming, experimenting and creating a masterpiece that emerges in new places like Symbian and Windows 7 and brings to the world bountiful features like gestures, multitouch, a new animation framework and a bunch of other stuff.

Mu- wa- hahahaha!

Long live Qt-feratu! Long live Qt 4.6!

You think we have lost our marbles? Check out the feature presentation, Qt-feratu!

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