Hot from the Oven: Qt Creator 1.3

The end of the year is usually a time where people reflect on the past, think back, and drink a lot of beer/wine/apple juice in the process. When I do that now (ah, no beer or wine though), I can only say: Wow. What a year.
Qt went LGPL, Qt Creator 1.0 released, the source repositories went public on opening new possibilities for contribution and collaboration, the new public bugtracker was established, and now Qt Creator already comes in version 1.3 (together with Qt 4.6), with lots of changes, improvements and extensions to the original 1.0 release. And that's only the Qt Creator centric view :) .

So to wrap this amazing year up, we today released Qt Creator 1.3.0, with a rather impressive list of features:

  • Experimental support for development of Qt for Symbian applications
  • First refactorings:
    • Renaming symbols
    • Find usages of symbols

  • Color schemes for the editors:
    Qt Creator Color Schemes
  • Automatic matching of brackets and quotes:
  • Support for the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler tool chain for cmake projects
  • Better support for small screen sizes
  • Locator filter for symbols in the current document
  • Many more

Of course, we haven't been resting in the last few days, polishing Qt Creator for the final release: Since the release candidate 18 little fixes went in, plus updated translations, like the French one that was blogged about in a different post. As mentioned in the blog, translating Qt Creator is not something you'd do on a friday afternoon. Great many thanks to all who put their precious time into making our beloved software even easier to use :).

Download Qt Creator 1.3 or the 2009.05 SDK (includes Qt 4.6.0 and MinGW 4.4) from here. If you prefer to use the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler, get the new Qt for Visual Studio 2008 Open Source package.

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