Technology Preview - New Qt APIs from Mobility Project

In addition to today's Qt 4.6 release, we have also made available a technology preview package of new Qt APIs. These new Qt APIs not only enable Qt developers to include standard mobile functionality in their applications, but also provide useful application functionality across desktop platforms. Together with the new port to Symbian and upcoming support for Maemo, Qt is offering even better support for mobile development.

With the new Qt APIs cross-platform development for mobile becomes even easier. Mobile developers can start creating dynamic navigation applications with the location API, support standard mobile applications such as messaging, contacts and multimedia, or enable network roaming using bearer management. Seven new APIs are available for preview:

-          Bearer Management

-          Contacts

-          Location

-          Messaging

-          Multimedia

-          Publish and Subscribe

-          Service Framework

-          System Information

These are just the first of the new Qt APIs to come.  Later in 2010, you can expect to see such APIs as Document Gallery, Calendar, Sensors, and Landmarks.

To have a look at the technology preview of the APIs, head to

To learn more, check out the blog on Qt Mobility Project on Qt Labs

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