Thanks for helping us make 4.6!

As we have spent the last few weeks gearing up for our Qt 4.6 release (details here and here, demos here), I wanted to take the the time to say thanks to all those who have taken the time to help us with this release.

You see, this is the first release we have put out that included significant code contributed from the community. When we opened Qt up for easier contributions back in May we were unsure what to expect. Would anyone care? Would anyone contribute?

Well we are extremely pleased to say that indeed you did contribute. We have received roughly 500 contributions for Qt and Qt Creator since we launched this initiative, and of those,  around half made it into the 4.6 release.

I am not going to highlight specific contributions quite yet, but instead just say thanks. We are however working on a little thank-you surprise, so keep your eyes on this blog.

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