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Multi-touch Goodness

Published on Wednesday December 02, 2009 by admin in Community KDE Qt4.6 | Comments

Since we are surrounded by curious developers, we know well how to bribe them best: give them devices! So we sent Marco Martin a lovely multi-touch tablet PC to write demos for us. So he sat down and came up with some cool - surprise! - multi-touch examples based on the KDE Plasma Desktop running on Windows 7.

With Qt 4.6 we introduced the new classes QGesture and QTouchEvent to control multi-touch events. You can now zoom, rotate, scroll, move objects around, click and resize objects on your (touch) screen. All right from your fingertips.

Marco uploaded some screencasts of his demos to YouTube and so did we with the ones we finalized. I have created a playlist for easy watching and inspiration. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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