Qt Declarative for Qt 4.6.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Qt Declarative 4.6.0 module for Qt 4.6.0. This allows Qt Declarative with QML support to be built using released Qt 4.6.0 packages.  A new release of the Qt Declarative module will be released for each Qt 4.6 patch release. In order to install this Qt Declarative module you will need to have already installed Qt 4.6.0.

To install download either qt-4.6.0-declarative.zip or qt-4.6.0-declarative.tar.gz, unpack, and follow the instructions in README.html.

The QML API of the Qt Declarative 4.6 module will remain stable, so now is the perfect time to discover the benefits of dynamic user experience creation with QML. Should any changes to the language or APIs occur, please consult QmlChanges.txt in src/declarative.

Qt Declarative is currently being stabilized and productized for inclusion in Qt 4.7. Please take this opportunity to give us feedback on what you think of QML, and tell us of any requirements you think might be important to make it a success!