Qt 4.6 contribution awards - Nokia N900s

This month’s successful rollout of Qt 4.6 was helped hugely by our amazing dev community.

Nokia N900

As the first major release since we began accepting contributions, we were overwhelmed by the number and quality of the submissions we received.

So it goes without saying that we are very grateful. As such, we thought it’d be nice to give out a few spontaneous bits of thank you.

The following people will be sent brand spanking new Nokia N900s as our way of thanking them for their particular contributions to Qt 4.6.

1. Konstantin Ritt. Konstantin was nominated because he submitted the most contributions to Qt 4.6. We’d like to publically thank him for that, and hope he enjoys his new N900.

2. Brian McGillion. Brian’s work on the Mercurial revision control system integration with Qt Creator was nominated as one of the outstanding contributions we received. Thanks Brian, and enjoy your new phone. Oh, and we wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to polish that contribution a bit more

3. Stephen Kelly.  Stephen is being recognized for his excellent submission that went into QAbstractItemModel, and we are pleased to be sending him a new Nokia N900.

4. Jakub Wieczorek. Jakub submitted a number of patches and additions for QtWebKit. Specifically, his work with XSLT support added much value to Qt 4.6. We are sending him a new N900 as thanks.

5. Sorin Papuc. Sorin is a software architect who submitted work that went into Qt/DirectFB. Our nominators saw fit to recognize this work and as such we are sending him a nice new N900.

To everyone who contributed and supported the development of 4.6, please accept our sincerest thanks. We appreciate the investment you all make in Qt, and we’re proud that you make the effort to put your thoughts and submissions to us – Qt is a better product because of it.

We hope Ritt, Brian, Stephen, Jakub and Sorin enjoy our little surprise gift to them.

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