Qt at CES day 2 - hybrid and hardware

Question: How was CES day two at the Qt booth? Answer: Hectic.

We have been busy trolls.... Meetings with partners, tours by analyst groups, media visits and visits from people new to Qt have kept the people busy and the booth overflowing into the hallway.

It’s been very positive to receive the high levels of traffic and attention that we have, and days three and four should be just as big.

In addition to the shipping devices (and over 30 different products powered by Qt launched in the last six months by the way) present in the booth, this year we are featuring demos that demonstrate Qt running across chipsets and hybrid development; Qt and HTML5 working together.

A common use case among Qt developers is to embed web content into applications. For instance the HP printer we talked about in yesterday’s blog enables users to print maps from the web without a PC being attached to it.

Thus, Qt and HTML5 has been a major source of interest in our booth. Demos such as the Netflix set top box demo running on a Sigma Designs chipset, with its Qt Hybrid (HTML5 and Native) HTML5 Server-driven UI shows how powerful the mix of native and web development can be – the high performance of Qt and the agility of web.

Here's an informal demonstration (excuse the laughing :)) of the Netflix box.

Our Qt running across chipsets showcase is a demonstration centre featuring a common Qt demonstration being performed accross many different chipsets, from the ultra-affordable beagle board to the brutally powerful NVIDIA Tegra board - reusing the same code across all of the boards (we're also running the common demo on Symbian and Maemo phones).

The performance of the demo across these diverse chipsets is really demonstrating to companies how they can target different hardware price points using one set of Qt code.

Our guys have worked hard getting the demos ready and they’ve produced something that really drives home the efficiency, portability and hardware accelarated benefits of Qt.

Our CES day three blog post is going to feature some exciting demos from third parties that have Qt inside them, such as Visteon’s GENIVI in-car entertainment demo. Don’t miss it!

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