CampKDE 2010

I'm on my way back from the University of California San Diego, where this year's KDE conference for North America has just taken place. It was the second CampKDE, after the first was held in January 2009.

As readers of this blog will likely know, KDE provides stable, powerful and highly useable desktop applications for UNIX and Linux workstations (It's built with Qt!). Recently it has begun moving into the cross-platform and mobile spaces. The camp is a great opportunity for KDE developers and users to come together to share ideas and discuss the future.

The first two and a half days were punctuated by keynotes and presentations. In the keynotes, Prof. Philip Bourne gave some interesting thoughts about open access to data in science, while Frank Karlitschek presented his vision for KDE and the cloud.

On Saturday, the focus was more on non-technical and community-centric topics ranging from marketing and promotion to usability and design to career opportunities in OpenSource Software.

On Sunday and Monday morning, the presentations dived deeply into technical details covering PC-BSD, Telepathy, KDE-PIM, Plasma, QML and intelligent media players. Wednesday and Thursday were training days, sponsored by KDAB, with Wednesday focused on advanced Qt development topics such as model/view and concurrency best practises and Thursday covering Qt for embedded platforms.

All presentations have been recorded and will be available online soon. We'll keep you posted.

If you want to know more, head over to The Dot and read about all the nifty details.

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