Symbian open source migration complete!

We are very excited about today's Symbian Foundation’s announcement that their transition to open source is complete.

That they were able to complete the task ahead of schedule is a credit to them. It was no small task. The migration of the world’s most widely used mobile platform to the EPL license is the biggest open source migration project ever.

Never before has a platform with such huge scale – over 330 million Symbian devices that have been shipped - been opened up in this way, and the move creates some very exciting opportunities for our own community.

Qt is a great framework for targeting Symbian, so much that Symbian ^4 will be using Qt as the primary runtime. Now our community, along with everyone else, can get innside the platform itself and contribute to its evolution.

Qt's Community Manager Knut Yrvin spoke today about the significance of Symbian’s milestone.

”Now is the time for developers from the open source community to harness Symbian's enormous scale to help generate their own Free Software success. For the first time, we can all contribute to the development of the world's biggest mobile platform," he said.

"There are tens of thousands of Qt-based applications that can now be ported to Symbian."

"There is now a great opportunity for developers to make their Free Software applications available on Symbian. This will totally change the user experience on phones with innovative and fun applications," said Mr Yrvin.

The read the official announcement, check out the Symbian Foundation website.

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