Education, Qt and KDE

I wanted to make mention of a milestone for a for longtime Qt user, Skolelinux. Today they launched the latest version of their all-encompassing education software solution (Skolelinux 5.0).

Stop Motion on Skolelinux

Skolelinux is a great Qt-based project, and something that has been close to my heart over the nine years it has been in existence. Millions of kids are using a Qt-based KDE desktop thanks to the efforts of the Skolelinux group.

So congratulations to everyone involved, and may their amazing success continue.

Today was also a landmark for KDE with a new version of the KDE Software Compilation (4.4) launching.

KDE Plasma Desktop Cube

KDE 4.4 takes advantage of Qt 4.6’s improved performance and lower resource requirements to make it really fly on a wider range of hardware.

In short it’s a good time to be in free software, and an even better time to be building your free software with Qt!

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