Areas of Qt, you want to learn most. What can we do for you?

Qt Learning is a relatively new area of our activities to help new Qt users and make current ones more knowledgeable. In the summer we've conducted a specialized survey about learning Qt. One of the most interesting facts in the survey results was a list of areas of Qt with most learning needs. The top ten entries (sorted by popularity) look like this:

  1. ModelView (with 56% - "most needed" and 32% "average")
  2. GraphicsView (with 53% - "most needed" and 32% "average")
  3. Advanced Widgets techniques, incl. abstract Widget classes (with 51% - "most needed" and 33% "average")
  4. Threading classes, incl. QtConcurrent
  5. Advanced event handling, incl. system events and timer
  6. Networking, incl. SSL
  7. Inter-Process Communication (IPC) with Qt, incl. D-Bus
  8. Qt Object model
  9. Unit testing and performance measuring
  10. Signals and Slots

Certainly, it is not a very big surprise to see most of the entries on this list. Nevertheless, detailed needs have to be explored yet. As you probably heard, we do research on NG ModelView classes. Other works are ongoing to provide better interfaces in different areas. In addition to this, our mission in Learning is to help you on ongoing basis, in your current works. As one of the steps, we've drafted a new "getting started tutorial" about ModelView. In addition, it aslo a reference list, where ModelView was explained in several publications about Qt.

What else should we provide to make this list shorter or even shift it to new and more exciting topics like Qt Kinetic or QML? What are the exact needs in the "old" and "new" areas of Qt?