UI Extensions for mobile development now on Gitorious

Hello. I am Keijo Virtanen from the Symbian Devices, Application SW team within Nokia. We recently released some UI extensions to Qt on Gitorious. These extensions are UI libraries optimized for a touch interface. They will initially target the Symbian platform, but like with all Qt technology our ambition is to make this cross platform.

Some of you might have heard of Orbit. That was the internal project name that was used for an extension library we are building on top of Qt. The project was started since we felt that Qt needed additional UI and mobile domain specific APIs to be truly compelling for in particular mobile development. Until we are ready with the developments and productize this, including putting a proper name on it, we will temporarily call it “UI Extensions for Mobile”

Like with the Qt mobility project (new Qt APIs for mobile development), we also in this case aim to make the Qt APIs useful for other - additional - relevant use case scenarios. We are still working on the best way to publish new UI components that are based on Qt.
As this project is very much a work in progress, we would very much like some feedback, so please have a look at the code and let us know what you think.

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