Qt for Maemo 5 home screen widgets

One of the most frequently asked question after the Qt for Maemo 5 release was: "How do I create a home screen widget with Qt?". Well - the wait is over :)

Home Screen Widget

To play around with the "Hello World" widget shown in the screen shot, install qt4-maemo5-homescreen-example on the device (it's in Maemo's extras-devel repository). To get the source code, run apt-get source qt4-maemo5-homescreen-example in your Scratchbox (or clone the gitorious repository). Check out the README file for info on how to create your own Qt home screen widget. Happy home screening :)

In other news, we've also added an example on how to create control panel applets with Qt, you can find it in the Qt for Maemo 5 source code repository.

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