27 technical talks from Qt Developer Days 2005, 2006, 2008 are online. A lot of interesting stuff to enjoy!

We put some extra effort into recovering and publishing old recordings from Qt Developer Days. Now I'm proud we did this and believe it was definitely worth it! There are many really valuable presentations given by Qt experts that cover many areas of Qt which are still valid today and will probably remain valid for a while.

Sooo... We have got 27 presentations online for you! These sum up to 22.5 hours of videos to enjoy:


  • All About Qt Widgets
  • Effective Graphics Programming
  • Practical Model/View Programming
  • Threaded Programming with Qt - Good Practise
  • Writing Custom Styles with QStyle
  • Writing plugin applications with Qt


  • Advanced Item Views
  • Application Development on Linux for Windows Developers
  • Deployment of Qt Applications
  • Emdedded Development for Desktop Developers
  • Qt in Depth
  • Qt Model-View-Controller Classes
  • Qt Style Sheets
  • The Graphics View Framework
  • The Power of Qt Model-View Delegates
  • Thread Support in Qt
  • Unit Testing in Qt Applications


  • Advanced Visualization - Widgets On Graphics View
  • Alien Widgets and Widget Rendering
  • Animation API
  • Beautiful and Blazing-Fast Graphics with Qt
  • Enhancing your Qt application with multiple threads
  • How Did You Do That? Tips and Tricks
  • Introducing Qt on Mac Cocoa
  • Multimedia Framework
  • Qt Network Access: Flexible and Powerful Access to Data on the Internet
  • QtWebKit: Qt and Web 2.0

You can get all of this here: http://qt.nokia.com/developer/learning/online/talks/archive

Let me post one them here, on the spot. It is a cool talk and is fun to watch too. I'm sure you will enjoy it! It is a nice story about the relationship between Qt, Carbon and Cocoa and how they got children:

Ah, one more thing! Before you ask where 2007 is... Unfortunately,  the layer of dust was much too thick on it and it did not make to the archive...

Happy Qt Learning!