Qt Knut (electric) boogies into the finals on "Norske Talenter"!

A few weeks ago we wrote about how our very own Knut Yrvin had entered "Norske Talenter", or Norway's got Talent.

Given the volume of traffic that blog post got, and considering the results from Friday night, I figured it was time to give an update.

The show two weeks ago (which was pre-recorded) focused on taking all the people who made it through the regional rounds and consolidating them down to a group of about 40 or so. Knut was put into the "Solo Dance" category, where he competed to go through to the semi finals. You can see Knut's performance at the 2:23 mark:

For those of you who don't understand Norwegian (and are terrible body-language readers), the result was that he made it through to the semi finals!

The semi finals have been broken into four shows, with this Friday's being the first. Ten competitors stepped into the gladiator ring for a chance to make it through to the finals. One voted through by the judges, one voted through by the people.

Note: I am not embedding the "official" Norske Talenter Youtube video because they dubbed the music wrong (its just plain weird watching someone electric boogieing to Salsa music…), although they do have a nice intro that features our offices.

Well the people have voted! We are extremely proud to say that Mr. Knut Yrvin is a finalist! We are all very proud of you Knut, congratulations!  I just hope you recover enough to make it into work sometime this week ;-)

BTW, for those that have Silverlight installed, you can see a higher quality video of Knut dancing into the finals about halfway down the page.

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