Qt gets more mobile today

Today was certainly a big day for Qt. First we have announced the Nokia N8, the first Symbian^3 based device, which is also the first Nokia phone that will include Qt (Note: It's the first official phone to ship with Qt - the N900 included the community port of Qt to Maemo 5 - Ed).

We are also happy to introduce the Nokia Qt SDK, which we have released into Beta today. This SDK provides Nokia mobile developers with the tools they need to develop for both Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo devices, further fulfilling the Qt cross-platform promise.

Here is a video that explains it further and shows you what some of the early testers have been doing:

In addition to all of this, we have also had a release of 10 new APIs for mobile development. These APIs are from the Qt Mobility project. You can learn more about these APIs in this whitepaper.

So in short, today was a big day for Qt going mobile:

  • Awesome new phone with Qt included? Check!
  • New (beta) SDK for creating cross-platform mobile apps? Check!
  • New Qt APIs for mobile development? Check!

Tired but happy Nokians? Check!

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