New experimental Qt 4.7 packages for the N900

The Qt 4.7 Beta1 was released today, and I'm happy to announce that a set of experimental Qt 4.7 packages is available for Maemo 5 as well: (all packages in one single tarball here).

Note: The packages now strictly require PR 1.2. Please only install them in the latest Scratchbox based SDK, which already ships a pre-release of PR 1.2. Once PR 1.2 is officially released (*), the packages can also be installed on the device. MADDE and Qt Creator support is pending.

Following a request from the Maemo community, the experimental Qt packages were renamed from libqt4-maemo5 to libqt4-experimental. The packages still install to /opt/qt4-maemo5, so they don't clash with the device's Qt. This ensures that installing the experimental Qt 4.7 packages won't have bad side effects on existing apps.

How to install

We suggest to remove the old libqt4-maemo5 packages first:

fakeroot apt-get remove .*qt4-maemo5.*

After downloading the experimental packages, install them with the dpkg utility:

x86 Scratchbox target:

fakeroot dpkg -i *i386.deb

ARM Scratchbox target:

fakeroot dpkg -i *armel.deb

The road ahead

Once PR 1.2 comes with official support for the stable Qt 4.6.2 version, experimental Qt 4.7 snapshots will be pushed to the Maemo extras-devel repository. If everything goes well, the release after PR 1.2 will ship with Qt 4.7.x (where "x" is whatever patch release is available at that time).

Feedback and contact

As always, you can use the qt-maemo-feedback mailing-list (info) or the IRC channel #qt-maemo at to get in touch with us.

Happy experimenting!

(*) Sorry, we don't know the PR 1.2 release date either

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