Second beta of the Smart Installer released

An updated version of the Smart Installer for Symbian has been released.

Download the Smart Installer v 0.18 (second beta)
We already had a previous beta release, and now a lot of the issues reported on that one are solved. Note, the previous beta was version 0.09 (not 0.9 as I blogged) - so increasing to version 0.18 actually makes sense :)
I already explained how to use it in the previous blog entry, so I suggest you just go there and follow the steps there to try it out. Here is a short changelog of whats new in v0.18:
Increased stability by rewriting the application engines: - better error handling

- more robust downloads in poor network conditions

Smoother UI flow by reducing amount of prompts:

- you still sometimes get the IAP selection, that will be hidden whenever possible in the future

Installation continuation:

- select Smart Installer from the application menu and pending installation continues

- only one pending installation is supported

I've made two applications available to install and try out. They are both properly Symbian Signed. Spot the one that involved a professional graphical designer btw? ;) Just click on the image to install.

Bossatetrix Weather app (from INDt)

And to prove it's actually working. Here is a video of a the weather app above being installed on a Nokia 5800.

In the video there are at the moment four prompts. We are working on getting rid of the Internet prompt - and then get it down to three. When used together with the OVI client the number of prompts will go down to one or even zero. Note: The order of the prompts in the video and what you experience will be different as I updated the .sis after I taped the video. The prompts at the moment are:
  • Install wrapper app?
  • Install Smart Installer?
  • Go online?
  • Where to install?

We expect the Smart Installer to be ready for commercial use mid-2010.

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