Videos - Hands on with the Nokia Qt SDK

Our friends at Nokia Conversations have put in some great work talking to developers who are using the new Nokia Qt SDK beta to build and port some amazing applications to Nokia devices.

The videos feature some of the brains behind applications like Shazam, Wikitude and AccuWeather and are a great demonstration of the potential of the Nokia Qt SDK. Watch for the sneak peaks of these Qt apps running on the new Nokia N8....
Happy viewing! Thanks again to Nokia Conversations for the videos.

Video 1 - Bounce and Angry Birds by Rovio

Video 2 - Speedhero by Entertainer

Video 3 - Games and Utilities by Offscreen

Video 4 - Shazam by Shazam

Video 5 - Accuweather by Accuweather

Video 6 - Wikitude by Mobilizy

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