Open Governance

Since the beginning, Qt has been a product that has collaborated with and embraced its developer community as much as possible.

Significant steps such as the contribution model we introduced last year have taken this further and further – we have received and integrated hundreds of contributions since we opened up this channel.

We believe the time has come to take this model forward again and to empower our community even more by changing the way Qt is governed - by moving to an even more open governance model.

More open governance will make the decision-making and development of Qt function more like many other open source projects. Under this model our community will actually develop Qt and actually have shared control over the decision-making regarding Qt and its future.

Among other things, the new model will entail
1 - Technical discussions being moved out into the open
2 - Decisions about things such as our roadmap and schedules being moved out into the open.
3 – The community being given access to our QA process.

The model will apply to all current and new projects under the Qt umbrella, which can be seen on the Qt roadmap page of .
We are very excited about the prospect of open governance, but there is a lot to be done before it comes to be.

So what happens from here? The next step we take will be to open up the discussion in the community to determine the specifics of the model.

While we have ideas on the way this model could work, we want the community that will be part of this to have a say in the way this governance model will function. The end result has to be a model that works for Qt and for the community.

We are really looking forward to shaping and implementing this model and taking Qt further together with this open governance structure.

News and updates on this important new move will be posted on this blog and the Qt labs blog.

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