Qt officially signed for Sony Ericsson phones - and soon Samsung

Some cool news for the Symbian crowd. With Qt 4.6.3 we are now officially Symbian Signing Qt for Sony Ericsson phones as well as Nokia phones. That means that if you've got a Sony Ericsson Satio or similar phone - Qt now installs fine with the same capabilites as on Nokia phones.

It's really cool Sony Ericsson opened up for this - so big thanks to them.

If you have a Satio (or a Nokia phone running Symbian) and quickly wanna try out a set of Qt demos on your phone, simply enter:


in your phones browser and install the .sis file. The Qt demo launcher will autostart when the install finishes. And, make sure you have the latest firmware for your phone before trying just to be sure.

Note: Open C 1.6 does not install on the Satio - but that is OK as the latest firmware for Satio has a recent Open C version already included. Therefore, ignore the warnings about missing Open C or PIPS components when installing.

Qt 4.6.3 running on a Satio
One of the Qt apps running on the Satio

In other good news, Samsung has also allowed us to Symbian Sign Qt with manufacturer capabilites for their phones as well! Sadly this information got to me too late for it to make it into the 4.6.3 release, but I promise that coming Qt releases will include Samsung phones too. We already made the changes in the package building scripts, so it's just a matter of time.

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