Nokia Qt SDK 1.0RC released

Today we have published the Release Candidate for the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0. This is mostly a bug-fix release based on the input we have received from your side and we highly appreciate your efforts here. The download location is at Forum Nokia at the following link. Also we have added the Release Candidate of Qt Creator 2.0 into this package.

Compared to the beta we have now everything available on gitorious as well(especially all the Qt Simulator components, as Christian already mentioned here). So if you like to get involved, get the sources and play around with them, contributions are highly welcomed.

One thing I would like to highlight is, that you cannot upgrade via the updater plugin from Qt Creator to the Release Candidate. This is due to some required changes in the infrastructure itself and we hope that this will not happen for a long time.

Furthermore it is not possible to overwrite the beta with the release candidate, as some components create files which are incompatible to each other. For instance you will not be able to install the madde component, as the postinstall step will fail with an existing configuration error message. Hence you should either install the release candidate into another directory or uninstall the beta first.

We hope you will enjoy the updated version and you can always provide feedback via our Qt Bug Tracker.

Following the full changelog for the Release Candidate:

Installer Changelog

  • offline installer does not include the sources anymore to reduce the filesize of the binaries
  • added stand-alone designer as component
  • fixed launching sub-processes as admin, which was failing on some Microsoft Windows derivates
  • [QTSDK-4] Crashed segmentation fault on Linux (metadata collision)
  • [QTSDK-6] Setting up Maemo target failed
  • [QTSDK-7] Proper Layout of the License Agreement to not cut the text
  • [QTSDK-8] Added proxy support for installation/updating
  • [QTSDK-12] Not all documentation pages did show up on every browser
  • [QTSDK-27] Fixed segmentation fault on Linux
  • [QTSDK-28] Fixed crash on Linux (installation on read-only target)
  • [QTSDK-49] Fixed crash when no disk space is left
  • [QTSDK-76] Fixed localization of Qt Creator
  • [QTSDK-79] Updated Messaging API to include correct headers

Simulator Changelog

  • Improved device configuration: The menu placeholders can now be set from the configuration file.
  • Added menu placeholders for the N95 skin.
  • Updated menu placeholders for the Maemo and N97 skins.
  • It is now possible to use the Qt Mobility bearer management module when building for the Simulator.
  • Added documentation on bearer management usage.
  • Add mouseover highlight to on-device buttons to make them more discoverable.
  • [QTSIM-2] Mobility messaging now works with mingw toolchain.
  • [QTSIM-8] The 'x' button on the Maemo device works now.
  • [QTSIM-9] The Symbian style for the N97 now uses the black theme.
  • [QTSIM-10] Change the Creator start menu entry to point to qtcreator.bin; avoids problems with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • [QTSIM-11] The buildkey of the debug libraries no longer contains 'release'.
  • [QTSIM-13] Can now close Simulator from task bar.
  • [QTSIM-15] Simulator now remembers the rotation state.
  • [QTSIM-17, QTSIM-25] Fixed sensors. The plugins for the simulated sensors are now loaded correctly.
  • [QTSIM-22] Fixed a potential crash when multiple scripts are run in parallel.
  • [QTSIM-30] Fixed keyboard focus handling. Using the device buttons no longer removes keyboard focus from the running application.

SDK Changelog

  • updated to Qt 4.6.3 on Symbian
  • using public Simulator repositories(Qt, QtMobility, Simulator)
  • merged MaintenanceTool and Updater to a single application
  • updated TRK versions
  • updated QtCreator to 2.0.0 RC
  • updated MADDE to the newest release
  • added experimental component remote compiler

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