Qt Creator 2.0: It’s a Release Candidate!

It's been a few weeks since the Beta. It has been a rather disappointing start of the summer here in Berlin, with only one really sunny weekend. This means no excuses for escaping the office for a jump into the water or grabbing an ice-cold beer. Instead, we've seized the time well. How? By polishing Qt Creator, resulting in 1038 commits since the beta release. The community feedback has been very valuable in this.

We also made sure that Creator works hand-in-hand with the Nokia Qt SDK, a release candidate of which has also been released today. One effect is that debugging on the Nokia N8, the first Symbian-based Nokia phone shipping with Qt, does now work. Another focus of this release is the documentation, which has been greatly improved to cover a lot more aspects of Qt Creator and how to develop with it. Also, thanks to continous polishing, the New and Option dialogs now look much cleaner.

But we also had to make a tough decision: Qt Quick support is now disabled by default, because Qt 4.7 will not be out by the time we want to release Qt Creator 2.0. This means Qt Creator will come without Qt Quick functionality, even though loading Qt Quick files and projects is still possible. But do not fear: After 2.0 has been released, we will work on a Qt Quick enabled version and we will bring back Qt Quick enabled nightly build as soon as possible. Read more in the separate blog post. Also, if you desperately want it back for 2.0 already, you can build Qt Creator yourself and enable the QML support by exporting QTCREATOR_WITH_QML before running qmake. We really hope you will enjoy testing this release candidate. If you still find obstacles or bugs, please do not hesitate to report them at our bug tracker.

Finally, if you want to see Qt Creator and the Nokia Qt SDK release candidates in action, don't hesitate to visit our booth at LinuxTag in Berlin this week and attend our presentations on the the Nokia Qt SDK and Qt Quick!

Download the Qt Creator 2.0.0 RC1 here

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