Nokia Qt SDK and Ovi acceptance a good start for Qt on mobile

Today is a significant day for developers using Qt for Nokia devices.

The release of the Nokia Qt SDK and the announcement that Qt developers can distribute their apps through Ovi Store means that as of now, developers can:

• Download and use version 1.0 of the Nokia Qt SDK, a mobile specific version of the Qt SDK for targeting Nokia devices.
• Deploy Qt to Symbian/S60 3.1, 3.2 and 5.0 devices with the Nokia Smart Installer
• Distribute Qt applications via the Ovi Store for Symbian and Maemo devices - initially the Nokia X6 , Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N900, with more selected devices to follow.
• Participate in the public beta of cost-free signing of Symbian Qt apps.

These advancements make it easier for developers to target Nokia devices, and create greater opportunities to target a very large market of addressable devices by using Qt. In further good news, developers can now also register as an individual at Ovi Store (as opposed to a corporate publisher).

Future Nokia devices with Qt pre-installed such as the Nokia N8 will create even more compelling reasons for mobile developers to start working with Qt and to target Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo (using one codebase).

The upcoming Qt 4.7 launch featuring Qt Quick (QML) will make it even easier for mobile developers to get started with Qt. Qt Quick will improve and accelerate the process of creating great looking applications, and allow closer cooperation between developers and UI designers.

So I consider June 2010 as the true starting point for Qt in mobile development, and I think that this is only the beginning.


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