Qt Creator 2.0

A major focus of the 2.0 release is the support for developing Qt applications for Symbian and Maemo. I think, we have made great progress to make it easy and fun to develop for Symbian and Maemo.
Still setting up everything for Symbian or Maemo development is not trivial, so I wouldn't recommend doing it manually. Instead try the Nokia Qt SDK, which we also released today. See this blog post for more information on the Nokia Qt SDK.

On the Creator side that involves major improvements to the project page, a new target selector in the mode bar, support for deploying to devices, starting applications on devices and debugging symbian and maemo targets. While those features are mobile specific, quite a few improvements are also relevant for desktop applications.

As explained in this blog post, we have removed most of the Qt Quick/QML support for the 2.0 release. We plan on releasing Qt Creator 2.1 together with Qt 4.7 and thus offer tooling for Qt Quick from the first moment. For those who like to try Qt Quick, by the end of the week our snapshots will be from the 2.1 branch. And we'll release a 2.1 rc together with the Qt 4.7 rc.

Apart from those 2 areas, we have been working on a lot of stuff. I'll pick a few favourites out of the changelog, but frankly a lot more was added then can be covered in a blog post. See also our previous post about the release candidate, beta and alpha.

Andre already blogged about the improved gdb support. That is with gdb 7, we use the python bindings to offer improved displays for complex types. Due to being based on python the data dumpers are more easily extended for your own types. The docs explain how to do that.

Our .pro file parser is now much faster and more accurate. And the parsed information is now used better for the codemodel, e.g. the DEFINES variable is used. Also reparsing is now multithreaded.

Creator 2.0 Options Dialog,
Creator 2.0 Options Dialog

The options dialog got a nice new look, which should make it faster and easier to change settings. We added a smart filter that allows your favorite option faster by typing the label. For example in the screenshots to the right, we filtered for "indentation" and Creator shows the Text Options and FakeVim pages.

Also we extended the Search in multiple files to support regexps and to also support replacing. Don't forget that you can search for all usages of any C++ symbol with Ctrl+Shift+U and rename any C++ symbols with Ctrl+Shift+R.

The biggest external contribution to the 2.0 release is the mercurial plugin by Brian McGillion. Thanks Brian. The FakeVim plugin got quite a bit of love by Martin Aumüller, who contributed over 100 commits to it. Thanks Martin.

If my git foo is correct the 1.3.0 release and 2.0.0 release differ by almost 5000 commits by 71 different people.

You can download binary packages from here.

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