China Network Television tunes new Internet TV platform based on Qt

China Network Television (CNTV) has created a Qt-based SDK and environment for TV manufacturers seeking to develop public webcast service platform compatible television sets.

As a national web-based TV broadcaster, CNTV provides users with a globalized, multilingual and multi-terminal public webcast service platform. Extending this platform to a wide range of connected televisions, from high-end HD screens to lower end units, was achieved by using Qt and Qt WebKit integration as fundamental components of the new the service platform.

"As Qt can be easily ported to many chipsets, we knew we wanted to use the Qt framework to build a new version of our Internet TV platform that would maintain the level of our current service. As a subsidiary of China Central Television we work within exacting guidelines to ensure the breadth and high quality of our content," said Hou Limin, technical supervisor at CNTV.

CNTV operates a sophisticated offering consisting of interactive audio visual services, integrating features of Internet-based operations with those of TV programming. The organization was attracted to the simplicity of the WebKit open source web browser engine's ability to quickly develop full browser capabilities for end users.

Crucially, Qt's application framework enabled CNTV to build a natively executed solution so that even users of low-end devices would get the same user experience.

CNTV also choose Qt because of its flexible open source model. CNTV believes Qt's wider industry position will enable service vendors, chipset manufacturers and TV manufacturers to easily adopt WebKit technologies.

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