A few new things: new learning videos, a place for your video wish list, a new Qt Learning survey

We just got a few new things on our web which might be of interest you.

In cooperation with KDAB and ICS we've recorded two modules of the Qt Essentials training and have posted them as videos. Well, unlike most of postings here, this is not a cutting edge stuff at all :-) , but we believe it is useful for all those who just start with Qt. We are ready to do more in this area. You can tell us what that should be by filling out this feedback form. An interesting fact which motivates us and tells us that we are probably doing a right thing is that videos from the Developers Days 2009 and others in the past are still (7 months passed...) highly popular. More than 100 people them per day watch them since the start in Dec 2009.

BTW feedback, the Qt Learning Survey 2010 is open now. Please tell us about your learning needs and use a chance to win an N900.